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May 17th, 2006

You may have noticed that we changed our logo a little. It was causing a little confusion amongst normal folks, and the paranoid types alike.

As an explanation for the normal folk (It won't matter to paranoids):

We were involved to a small extent with Whippets, and although we didn't really breed whippets, we had plans to eventually make them part of our Web Site too. (We have 2 whippets, presently, with no plans to aquire more) Thus we thought we would call our Kennel,  a sort of "Vanilla" name, that we could ascribe to both - our deep involvment in Ridgebacks - and our love of Whippets. (By the way, Whippets are wonderful dogs and great for indoors, and out and we highly recommend them for a variety of reasons, espesially if you are an apartment dweller)

Wild West is a Registered name that we use with the AKC exclusively for our Rhodesian Ridgebacks, and it falls under the umbrella of our other kennel operations, which is to be used for all canine purposes, such as Rescuing other Ridgebacks and Whippets, Fostering, contractual agreements with other breeders, Daycare or kenneling for other peoples dogs, etc.

Everyone in the show world has a name that is associated with them for general public awareness. We are no different. Wild West Rhodesian Ridgebacks, is simply put - A "show name". It is the name you will see used in various show catalogues, and journals so that people that are deeply involved in the sport can recognize our breed type - our "look", if you will. (Speaking of our "Look", would you say our Ridgebacks are awesome?)

We will be improving on the look of the Logo over the coming weeks...

May 15th, 2006

Added a new Page - Mature Adults for sale. This page will bring you aware of any adult ridgebacks that we have available. We also provide some insight as to why its a good idea to get a mature adult from a reputable kennel, as opposed to rescue organizations.

March 25, 2005

Added "Is a Ridgeback Right for You", under the menu item "About Ridgebacks" to help in the decision making process of whether one of these animals will be conducive to your lifestyle.

February 16, 2005  

You might have noticed we have changed the menu structure. For one thing, we decided it was too hard for returning visitors to sift through all the menu options to find things that have changed, so we added a “What's New” option. That way, you can go to one spot (To this Page) to find out if you're missing anything about our beloved Rhodesian Ridgebacks!  

Another new entry is “Second Chance” – a story about a fawn that was nurtured along by a Rhodesian Ridgeback after the mother doe was hit by a car. You can find it under the following menu structure: "A Dogs Life" then click on "Puppy Dog Tales" .

A new set of inoculation criterion is being set for booster vaccinations. You'll be amazed at the findings.   This new protocol will have general applicability to all dogs, as well to Rhodesian Ridgebacks. You can find this new information under "About Ridgebacks", then navigate down to "Vaccination".

An new article written by one of the most respected people in the breed that can be found under "About Ridgebacks" entitled "The Ridgeback - An Expose" is a superb article about our beloved breed and is a must read.

I have plans to add more training options under “Puppy Boot Camp” to help folks with training their Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies. One thing to keep in mind when training your Ridgeback puppy is that repetition is a major factor for success. Practicing the same training technique over and over again is what makes a good dog "great".   What do I mean by repitition? Practicing for short sessions, daily.

We'll be adding tbe Illustrated "Elaboraton of the Standard of the Rhodesian Ridgeback " This is a fairly difinitive guide on what a Rhodesian Ridgeback should be like. This will be a "must read" for new people to the breed and veterans alike. Look for it soon.

For the studious, we have added 2 new pedigree search tools that will allow you to trace bloodlines of the breed. They can be found under the menu item "About Ridgebacks" and then navigate down to "Pedigree Search Tools".

Margaret Lowthian Cook only recently passed away, and along with her a great deal of knowledge. The success of the American Rhodesian Ridgeback owes a great deal to early pioneers of the breed such as Margaret Lowthian Cook who probably had more influence on the breed in the United States than is presently recognized. It is our intention to bring this awareness to the public by publishing extensive information about her invaluable contributions on this web site.

It is also our intention to elaborate on the history of the Rhodesian Ridgeback in some detail, as we have found that a good understanding of the foundations of the Ridgeback help tremendously in understanding the psychology and health of the breed.


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