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Is a Rhodesian Ridgeback Right for You?

If you have decided a Ridgeback is right for you, its time to take the next step. Please take the time to fill out the puppy questionaire below. There are just 18 questions, that only require a mouse click to answer. These questions are designed to help you with your decision. They also help the whole process move along alot smoother: Sometimes these questions will help you discover things you didn't realize, and can assist you in making your decision. Toward the end of the questions we have placed an area for you to make your own comments. We read everything you submit, so allow yourself to make any comments you feel are pertinent, or ask any other questions you might have.

There are no wrong answers to these questions. The whole purpose of this questionnaire is to make you aware of adjustments that may need to be made once you have a puppy.

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Have you owned or do you now own a Ridgeback?

What sort of area do you live in?

Do you have a fenced in yard?

Is there someone home during the day to "socialize" the puppy?

Do you have a large area to take your dog for exersize?

Do you have any objections to spaying or neutering?

Do you mind having an animal indoors in extreme weather conditions?

Do you mind "crate training" your puppy?

Would you ever consider showing your dog?

Would you have any objection to an obedience training course?

Do you want a dog for protection?

- alarm and protection is irrelevant.


Other Comments:
This space is for you to say anything you like - we appreciate your time and read all responses. )

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These pups are registered with the AKC, and not with "knock off" organizations that have no clue as to the historical importance of bloodlines, and support of the standard. Beware of pups that are only "papered" and not truly registered with the AKC.  If they aren't registered with the AKC, it means that somewhere along the line, the bloodlines were intended to end due to some major fault as determined by the Ridgeback standard!!!


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