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May 16th, 2006

Two superb breedings have been planned for Late Spring 2006 and Early Fall 2006. We'll keep you posted on these next exciting developments.

June 21st, 2005

Updated photos of the puppies... click here

June 16th, 2005

Bianca went into labor at 8:32 PM this evening delivering her first male puppy with nary a whimper. Details can be viewed by clicking here...

April 22nd, 2005

It appears we have 2 potential show puppies in the litter, but won't know for sure for at least 7-8 weeks. We will be watching temperaments closely and will be speaking with people on the phone in order to make a personality match, so to speak.

Right now all they do is sniff around with their eyes closed, and about the only thing I can say about temperaments is that they are all very vigorous and healthy.

Also, all of their dew claws have already been removed by our vet, and he also has given them his "stamp of approval". Nevertheless, they will once again get a vet check at about 7 weeks of age.

I only arrived home yesterday, from another breeding event between Bianca, and Blue and am still a little distracted by the need to catch up on things now that I am back. After doing a thorough exam over last few hours, intitial observation tells me that we have no dermoids, all have ridges, and all are going to be on the lighter side of wheaten in color. There is minimal white, some on the chests, but overall, nice markings. No excessive white at all. One of the puppies may turn out to be a brown/liver nose, but that won't be known for a few more days for sure.

Five of the puppies were born on the 13th. The sixth, a boy - was born nearly 36 hours later, April 15th, in the wee hours. He is more or less a miracle puppy, as this is a very rare event. We gave Pearl a vet check on the morning of April 14th to insure no more pups, and nothing. Nevertheless, she had a puppy a few hours later, after a shot of oxytocin was administered to help her push out the afterbirth ...

The rest is now history.

We'll be in touch with our puppy families with photos over the coming days and weeks.

April 13th, April 15th 2005

Pearl of Light gave birth to 6 healthy puppies. Puppy number 6, a boy was born 36 hours after the other 5!

April 5th, 2005

Bianca came into season today. She is one month and a couple of days early. She will be bred to one of the finest dogs in the country. Who is it? We will reveal that within a week or so, once the breeding has been accomplished.

March 29, 2005

"Our girl Pearl" is really starting to show the little puppies growing inside her. You can imagine how the excitement is mounting. All of our expectant puppy families are probably just about bursting by now!

Our forecast show puppies on or about April 19th.

We are also expecting Champion M H Lexus to be coming into season within the next 30-45 days as well. If her next litter is anything like her last one, expect another "grand slam". Lexus litters are always met with great anticipation...

February 15, 2005

Pearl of light was bred for the first time today to Lamerde Perro Luke O'howl. A successful tie of about 12 minutes was had.

February 9, 2005

Pearl of Light begain her cycle today. This is about a month earlier than expected. She should be ready for breeding within 10 days or so.

Feb 7th, 2005  

"Lamarde Perro Luke O’howl", an excellent specimen of the breed, won again this past weekend. Some people may doubt his potential because of an injury he received as a puppy - (Not Me!). His is a very special story, and will be told here soon...

February 5th, 2005  

It seems like only yesterday that “Meg” (“Wild West Courage Under Fire”) was just a puppy. We’ll she still is, albeit a much bigger puppy! This week she went out on the road for her first “show experience” to “learn the ropes” about life on the road as a show dog. We have her entered in a couple of conformation events, just to get experience in the ring.  The objective of this trip is basically to give her more  socialization - getting her accustomed to life on the road as a show dog. However, this bitch is very beautiful, and even though we aren’t looking to win (many judges do not lile to give a victory to younger dogs), she very well could come home with a few points.  

Of course, you’ll be the first to hear about it!  

Feb 1st 2005  

We’re in hot pursuit of some very nice Sires for our upcoming spring 2005 Breeding Season. Its always quite a chore to select the right dog for our bitches, and this time is especially difficult, since we get more fussy every time we breed! As of to date, we expect a March breeding to “Pearl of Light”, a bitch that has produced a very nice group of puppies in the past. “Meg” on the entry page of our website, is one of her offspring.  We are obviously excited to see what happens with her.  

January 30th, 2005  

All of the puppies in the last 2 litters of 21 have been placed – except for 2. We are keeping back a show potential male and a female out of the “CH MH Lexus” x “Camelot’s Galahad of Avalon” Litter.  We’ll have some photos of them up soon.  

Both Litters  were outstanding. 1 ridge-less puppy out of 2 litters! What’s so special about that? Well the national average is over 20% ridge-less of all reported cases. (Of course back yard breeders don’t report their cases, so the average is thought to be much, much higher.) In any event – that’s why we’re so excited. 

We spend a great deal of time in analysis of Grand Sire and Grand Dam, - what they have produced as well as what the Sire and Dam have produced. We even try to get a handle on what the littermates of the parents and grandparents are like. We search carefully for all defects and make our breeding decisions based on what we find.  

Looks like it pays off!  

‘Till the next entry…  


Jay Gilbert
Wild West Rhodesian Ridgebacks
Show Low, Arizona


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