About Ridgeback Adoption

Adoption of mature dogs found in rescue shelters often presents several challenges. It is a statistical fact that the reason most dogs end up there is that they are simply not wanted. Most often it is because the dog didn't receive proper training, and because of this, the animal may have learned some very annoying habits. Soiling in the house, nuisance barking, digging, etc are often the reasons that animals are abandoned.

A reputable breeding kennel, generally speaking, creates much more oportunity for obtaining a well cared for dog for adoption. They are generally more emotionally healthy, and physically healthy as well. This is true of course, only if the breeder is reputable, with an adherance to a standard code of ethics established by the founding club that exacts a minimum standard of ethics from its members.

With this in mind, Wild West Rhodesian Ridgebacks will occasionallly present a lovely mature Rhodesians for adoption. However, we do not have anything available at this time.


We can be contacted by e-mail by Contact Us or call us at (928) 532-5933

"Wild West Rhodesian Ridgebacks"
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 you will never be satisfied with anything less." –Major T.C. Hawley